Writing that engages its intended audience, conveys clear messages, and invites intellectual and financial investment. 

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This level of writing is critical, but can be difficult for the researcher who is deeply imbedded in a project. As a non-expert professional I am a proxy for the reviewer, with the perspective to see a proposal’s ideal, and the insight to know precisely where more clarity, concision, emphasis or cohesion is needed to attain it.

My wealth of grant writing experience includes years of close developmental work with researchers to conceptualize, strategize and craft proposals for the NIH, NSF, NIST, DOE, DOT, EDA, and other public and private funding organizations.  I have developed, written, or edited grant proposals in a variety of specialized fields, including medicine, civil and environmental engineering, agriculture, cybersecurity, economic development, entrepreneurialism, and education. Many of these proposals have been successful, securing millions of dollars for worthy research.  I help researchers build clear and compelling arguments for their research within dynamic, refined proposals. 

"Lisa is extremely engaging, and has the skills to guide, manage and develop complex proposals. This is vital, and provides the researcher with the necessary support for maximizing grant success."

— Dr. N.T., Cancer Researcher