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A professional writer, ghostwriter, and editor, I've written several nonfiction books for major publishers, and numerous memoirs for private individuals. My most recent project is:
Simplcity ParentingSIMPLICITY PARENTING: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids, a parenting book (written for Kim John Payne), which will be published by Ballantine in August 2009.

My work is informed by my experience as a literary agent...years of guiding authors and doing daily battle with the written word. I understand the process—from ideas to finished books—and what's required for success each step of the way.

Let me bring your work—your book idea or life story—to fruition.

Your ideas and expertise transformed into a high caliber nonfiction book.

"I am so pleased! These opening pieces are so lucid and so compassionate—the narrative feels nurturing and instructive at the same time. That's a difficult thing to pull off, but you've done it! There's an elegance and effortlessness to the writing."
—Marnie Cochran, Editor, Random House

Finely crafted personal and family memoirs...memories made into a legacy.

"My mother and father both wept as they held the book. The party—with over 100 people!—was completely hushed, watching them turn each page."—Eva P

Coaching, creative development, hands-on editorial support.

"My deepest gratitude for your wise counsel and good-natured enthusiasm...your unfaltering support and creative energy fuel me every step of the way."
—Dr. Kathleen Brehony
Author of After the Darkest Hour, Ordinary Grace, and Living a Connected Life

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